Secondary Hardness and Heat Resistance of High-Speed Steels

O. V. Movchan and K. O. Chornoivanenko

National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, 4 Gagarin Ave., UA-49600 Dnipro, Ukraine

Received 12.12.2019; final version — 20.02.2020 Download PDF logo PDF

This paper presents the research results concerning factors affecting the secondary hardness and heat resistance of high-speed steels. Processing parameters making possible to achieve the necessary levels of heat resistance and hardness are considered. The phase and structural transformations accompanying this process are studied. The role of the different carbide-forming elements is described. The hardening phases, which contribute to an increase in hardness and heat resistance during the heat treatment, are identified. Morphology and type of crystal lattice of the hardening phases are considered. Different approaches to the process of precipitation of strengthening phases are studied. The dependences between the secondary hardening of heavily alloyed iron alloys and the magnitude of the stresses in the crystal lattice are considered.

Keywords: secondary hardness, heat resistance, high-speed steel, hardening phases, carbides.

Citation: O. V. Movchan and K. O. Chornoivanenko, Secondary Hardness and Heat Resistance of High-Speed Steels, Progress in Physics of Metals, 21, No. 1: 72–82 (2020)

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