FeSe: High-Temperature Superconductivity, Nematicity, and Electronic Structure

Yu. V. Pustovit, O. A. Kordyuk

G.V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics, NAS of Ukraine, 36 Academician Vernadsky Blvd., UA-03142 Kyiv, Ukraine

Received: 11.11.2016; final version - 30.01.2017. Download: PDF

The electronic structure of FeSe—the simplest iron-based superconductor (Fe-SC)—conceals a potential of abrupt increase of superconducting tran-sition temperature realized under the pressure or in a single-layer film. This is also a system where the appearing of a spontaneous electronic anisotropy known as the nematicity is formed far above the superconducting transition and is not accompanied with a magnetic ordering. The given review deals with the determining electronic structure of these compounds, its evolution with temperature, pressure, doping, and other impacts, which cause such key phenomena in Fe-SC as nematicity and high-temperature superconductivity.

Keywords: iron-based superconductors, nematicity, ARPES, intercalated system, FeSe/SrTiO$_{3}$ films.

PACS: 74.20.-z, 74.25.Jb, 74.62.-c, 74.70.Xa, 74.78.-w, 79.60.Jv

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407/ufm.18.01.001

Citation: Yu. V. Pustovit and O. A. Kordyuk, FeSe: High-Temperature Superconductivity, Nematicity, and Electronic Structure, Usp. Fiz. Met., 18, No. 1: 1—26 (2017) (in Ukrainian), doi: 10.15407/ufm.18.01.001

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