Editorial office of a quarterly research journal
“USPEHI FIZIKI METALLOV” (i.e. “Progress in Physics of Metals”)
(CODEN: UFMSBW; ISSN: 1608-1021)
advertises the subscription on an annual basis. Orders should be placed through one of the methods described below. Besides the subscription via the centralized service by State Enterprise “PRESA” (2a Georgiy Kyrpa Str., UA-03999 Kyiv-999, Ukraine; faxes: +380 44 2890774 / 2480377 / 2480384 / 2487802 / 2480406 / 2487809; e-mail:,, or via Internet: the Editorial Board will take orders sent directly to the Editorial Board. To obtain our journal, the persons and institutions, interested in this title, should made the definite payment sent, according to the order, to the account of the Publisher — Institute for Metal Physics of the N.A.S. of Ukraine.

This journal frequency is 4 issues per year.

The annual subscription rate for “Uspehi Fiziki Metallov” is 52 USD (or 36 EUR), including airmail postage, packing and handling charges. All other-currency payments should be made using the current conversion rate set by the Publisher (subscribers should contact the Editorial Board).

Subscription is valid after obtaining by the Editorial Board of banker’s order. Banker’s order should be sent to the address:

Institute for Metal Physics of the N.A.S. of Ukraine,
currency account No. 2530701403786, MFO 380333
in the Kyiv’s Branch of JSC “The State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine”
(Public Joint Stock Company “Ukreximbank”)
(11b Vorovsky Str., UA-04053 Kyiv-53, Ukraine)

simultaneously with written notice providing the Editorial Board with a copy of banker’s order for subscription and detailed address for mailing.

After receiving of banker’s order, the Editorial Board will send the guarantee letter to the subscriber’s address for mailing the journal for a corresponding term.

The Editorial Board of this journal hopes for effective co-operation with its present and future readers and requests to promote the maximum information about its contents to persons and organizations concerned.